Budgeting For The Camino of Santiago

When budgeting for the Camino, your budget will vary a lot depending on the location you’re planning to come from and how much you’re willing to spend. This article will help you prepare for what you will have to budget for on your adventure. Here, you will see the average costs of everything you need to know so that you’ll be able to plan your budget.

Where You’ll Sleep

Where You'll Sleep
Where You’ll Sleep

It will cost around $12 each night you stay at a pilgrim hotel, which is called an albergue. If you’d prefer sleeping alone without others bothering you as you try to sleep, then you’d have to spend around $50 for each night you stay at a cheap hotel.

What You’ll Eat

When you start your day, you’ll either eat breakfast at a pilgrim hotel or a small cafe. The average cost for breakfast would be around $6. When considering your lunch plus snacks, you should consider getting simple food at the grocery stores that you might find, and then eat when you need a break. The average cost for lunch and snacks would be around $9. For dinner, you’ll most likely be wanting a decent meal, so the average price for the decent meal would be approximately $12.

How To Get There And Back

The budget you will need for your travel to and from the Camino de Santiago will depend on the location you’re planning to come from and the point you choose to start at for your journey. Here are a few tips for planning the budget for travel. The most popular route is Camino Frances, which is located in France’s Saint Jean Pied Port. Lots of people pick Pamplona since it’s one of the less complicated starting points.

Camino of Santiago
Camino of Santiago

How To Plan Your Flight

Those who don’t live in Europe should book a roundtrip sector with multiple segments. The flight that is the cheapest and most accessible will be the flight that heads to Pamplona, while the one for returning home would be a flight starting at the airport right on the outskirts of Compostela. The cost of the flight varies a lot, so make sure to look it up yourself to get an accurate price. So if you’re going to travel to Pamplona and planning to start in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, you will have to ride a bus that comes from Pamplona. The cost of the bus ride is around $15.

What Other Things You’ll Pay For

You will be required to buy a Pilgrim Passport, which will cost you $2.5 if you purchase it in France or Spain. If you’re someone who isn’t careful or accident-prone, then you’ll need to buy some first aid kits and medicines, which cost around $10 each unit. Souvenirs vary in price, so make sure to have some extra money if you want some. There will be a guidebook that you can get, but it will cost you about $12. If you have trouble walking on the rough terrain, then you should buy a walking stick, which will cost you around $12.

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