Camino de Santiago’s Vineyard Trail

Multitudes from all over the globe come to Compostela de Santiago for the amazing Camino de Santiago every single year. There are different routes available for those who take the trail to get to their destination. However, one of the popular ones is the French Way or Camino Frances. The 500 mile stretch of trails and roads is a haven for those seeking a piece of heaven at their destination. The pilgrimage has a rich history attached to it and those who make the journey thrive off the spiritual energy that flows through the patrons. While the trail and passage hold much religious significance, there is more to it. Hundreds of people come to the area even if they are not a part of the pilgrimage. The historical and cultural experience that can be garnered from the journey is one that many people love and cherish. The culinary experience and the rich oenological bounty is a good reason for you to make the trail as well, if not for the religious aspect. Here is a quick idea of what you can expect in terms of vineyards and food in the area.

The French Basque Country

When the starting point is set from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, there are vineyards along the way. The AOP Irouleguy is a treat that you will enjoy with reds and beautiful cabernets to coat your palate. When you move down the foothills, you will find the Misty Pyrenees which don’t have the big vineyards but smaller ones that are just right for those who would love a new experience. When it comes to the cheese experience to pair with your wine palate, the Basque region is the best. Ossau-iraty cheese, jambon de Bayonne, Espelette peppers and grilled meats are a favorite food type that graces the area.

Navara Region

Walking down 40 miles from the start, you will be greeted by the splendor of Pamplona. Everything that has to do with food, wine, and arts is in plenty here. The area is known for the Hemingway way of things and reflects the life of Hemingway. Pamplona is situated in Navarra region for wines and has one of the oldest Denominaciones de Origen which was set up in 1939. Five districts are comprised of this region, and all of them boast rich soil that is perfect for the cultivation of some superb wines.

Pais Vasco

While the most popular way to make the pilgrimage is through the French Way, the other way you can approach the trail is through Bilbao. If you travel a little to the northwest of Pamplona toward the Bay of Biscay, you will have the pleasure of enjoying some modern hospitality. Some exciting wines hail from the region including the Txakoli, Bizkaia and the Alava Txakoli. The grapes that are utilized in the preparation of the wine is indigenous to the region and is a must if you can experience. The wine itself is very low on the alcohol content and is perfect to quench the thirst of a thirsty traveler.

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