Doing Laundry on the Camino de Santiago

Heading on the Camino de Santiago is a long and enjoyable experience that most people enjoy. There is much to see and experience on the trail; however, there are some basic needs that people find challenging to fulfil. Finding food and water during the path can be challenging, but most times, there are enough supplies that you can get on the way. One of the other things that many people find to be a problem is doing laundry on the road. This can especially come in handy if you prefer to travel light and can have the chance to wash your clothes as you go. Travelling light has its perks. Ensure you carry about 4 to 5 pairs of underwears, two sets of pants, three sets of t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts, and you will also need about 1 or 2 pyjamas. This is all that you will need when you are travelling. This also ensures that you can wash your clothes once every three days at any hotel or albergue. Using the sinks in the facilities are more than enough for you to get your laundry done for the items you carry.

Organising Your Laundry Times and Sessions

Make it simple for yourself and do the laundry in a place where you can dry it at night. Take safety pins to clip the clothes to the line, so you don’t have to worry about large pegs. You can hang it on the bed rails or in hangers too; of course, that is if you are in a hotel. Choosing the material of your clothes is very important though. Takes clothes that are made of polyester or nylon as they are effortless to dry quickly. You will only need a few hours, and your clothes will be all dry. Remember that you won’t have a dryer in every place you go to, so choosing the right materials will make all the difference. Shop at camping stores for your clothes if possible so you can get the ones that wick moisture efficiently.

PJs can be tough to wash in the sink, so keep looking out for places that have a cheap washing machine. The good thing is that your PJs only need to be laundered once every 6 to 10 days, and you can get away with it easy. Socks take a very long time to dry. So ensure that you wash them first and dry quickly so they can get more drying time. If your socks are not dry, then you can put it into the outside pocket of your backpack, and they will dry in the sun when you are out in the day time. 2 to 3 pairs of socks will be ideal for carrying on your trail. If you plan well, you can manage to negate any costs that are involved in washing your clothes at expensive places or hotel laundry. Remember that hotels charge around 20 euros to do your laundry and they don’t give it back to you for at least 24 hours which can prove to be a problem if you can get a cheap washing machine that is coin operated then well and good. Else, just handwash and enjoy clean and fresh clothes throughout your Camino walk.

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