Why Are People Determined to Overcome the Camino De Santiago

Why Are People Determined to Overcome the Camino De Santiago?

Recently, more and more people have decided to try the world-famous pilgrimage road called Camino de Santiago in Spain. The stories inspire travelers to accept a challenge and start such a long journey that usually changes their attitudes towards them, friends, families, and life itself. But do not be fooled, there is nothing romantic out there. Such a long and difficult hiking gives you tiredness, leg wounds, and physical body aches, but the kindness of the people you meet along the way and the time for reflection give you even more. So, what are the main reasons people choose to try themselves at the Camino de Santiago?

Lost Joy of Life

Most people find themselves in a situation when everything gets bored in their lives and even though they seem to have it all, everything seems annoying and incorrect. You start to think, “Maybe I should change my job? Maybe I should start everything from the scratch? Maybe I should leave that person if there is no love? What am I doing wrong in my life? A simple vacation would not fix such doubts. For anyone who values comfort but gets lost in life, such a hike would be a very important experience. This trip can be called ‘Back to Basics’. Usually, people imagine this trip as a romantic walk when they walk and admire the landscape or chat with newly met people. However, the first days of walking are often physically the most difficult when people start cursing their decision why they started this hike at all. But here is the key point that you will not find any new way of life while lying comfortably on your sofa.

The Way of Faith

People travel to Santiago de Camino for very different reasons. The roots of this path are related with the Christianity and religious practices. Nowadays, the experience of the Christian faith is not the main goal of pilgrimage or, saying it precisely, the existence of an individually perceived faith. The Camino de Santiago is becoming one of the spiritual products offered to the consumer society that anyone can adapt to their vision of the world.

The Way of Faith
The Way of Faith

Nevertheless, the spiritual aspect of the Camino de Santiago cannot be denied. There are many kinds of pilgrims, but not all of them are related to the spiritual aspect of the path and the inner quest. Such a spiritual condition of a person does not depend on the religion, therefore not only Christians but also representatives of other religions are trying to overcome this path. This is inevitable, because the 800-kilometer journey that symbolizes the journey of our lives with its burdens, joys, deprivations, expectations, and losses makes us to think a lot. But do not underestimate this aspect, because the road itself provides no answers. It all depends on a personal disposition to admit to themselves sometimes very unpleasant truths or not to be afraid to make a difficult decision. It can be said that the main goal of the Camino de Santiago is to reconcile with yourself, to find the inner peace, and to get the joy of your life back.

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